Be Prepared for the AP Computer Science Exam in Java

Includes five practice exams and runnable code for 20 labs.

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  • As the author has indicated, this book is best used as an accompaniment to the actual APCS course in school. I had hoped that this book would give my son a jumpstart over the summer before he begins the actual course in the Fall. It contains good information with plenty of sample coding. However, it does reference programming terms (e.g., OOP, compiler, boolean) that a beginner would not necessarily grasp easily if used as a self-study guide. Given my own programming background, I am able to elaborate on key concepts as needed to help develop his comprehension. I can see why the previous version of this book received high marks from tutors and teachers. Unless you have some programming background, I would not recommend this book as a self-study guide.
  • This is a good review book for last-minute review. Just reading the solutions doesn’t help as much as this book could use more problem sets (that are more like the actual questions tested). This book also excludes some topics that are very important. A line warns you that there’s an increased focus on algorithms “once again” but based on the 2015 AP, you absolutely need to be proficient in algorithms to succeed. That’s not to say it was not helpful. It has pretty good tips. I would recommend using this book along with Barron’s AP CSA. If you want to use just one book, go with Barron’s.
  • Firstly I want to say that I got a 4 on the APUSH Exam. But probably would’ve gotten a five if I had purchased this book a month earlier. In just a few weeks I was able to catch up in late April.
    The practice tests in the back are GOLD. The are different from the AP exam published on the college board website. In addition, the answers are in the back and explained thoroughly. The book also directs you to specific questions released by collegeboard for extra-practice. The multiple choice questions are on point; every topic the book hit was covered on the exam, the short answers questions closely paralleled the AP test as well.
  • A friend of mine purchased this to help his child to review for the AP Computer Science exam. It is a very good SUPPLEMENTAL “re-fresher” resource and not a resource that will prepare you, on its own, for the APCS exam.
    THIS IS FOR THE STUDENT WHO HAS ALREADY HAD A COURSE IN JAVA OR AP COMPUTER SCIENCE ! Not for someone who is just “familiar” with or is starting with Java and/or Computer Science. There is not enough detail in this to properly prepare you for the exam if it is all you’re using. Have your notes/materials from the course and use this as SUPPLEMENTAL material. Excellent for practice and quick review, not a full course replacement. Probably self-evident, but just wanted to add this. As some may think this will be enough.
    Love the number of practice tests and explanations. Wish I could give it a 4.5 stars…
  • I also teach AP Computer Science and have used previous versions of Be Prepared for several years. I find Be Prepared to be an excellent supplement for my course as well as students with some prior programming background looking to self-study for the exam. This book allows students to practice concepts and identify weaknesses for further study. The five practice exams in the back of the book are convenient for summary review and practice especially when used in a timed environment similar to that of an AP test.
  • As an AP Computer Science teacher, I use the Be Prepared book as a comprehensive review in March and April for the AP Exam in May. After taking the preliminary exam, students identify the topics they need to study and review. The highlighted “what you need to know” notes, practice problems and practice exams are excellent and provide the background for lively discussions on the AP topics. During the year, we use the Java Methods textbook and this is a fine companion.
  • I just bought this book for my APCS students. I have not handed them in, however I contacted the company for a few issues. They got back to me right away, at the same day and my issues are solved! I am so glad to get this support from publishers. I bet, students will love the book. Good luck to everyone!

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