Introduction to Networking: How the Internet Works

This book demystifies the amazing architecture and protocols of computers as they communicate over the Internet.  While very complex, the Internet operates on a few relatively simple concepts that anyone can understand. Networks and networked applications are embedded in our lives. Understanding how these technologies work is invaluable. This book was written for everyone – no technical knowledge is required! While this book is not specifically about the Network+ or CCNA certifications, it as a way to give students interested in these certifications a starting point.

Users Comments:

  • Super book. 90% of tech-related books “for beginners” either 1) assume somewhere around Chapter 3 that you have acquired prior information from whatever secret club such information is actually acquired or 2) treat you like someone who is incapable of understanding the really sophisticated stuff. This is one of the exceptions: It takes you every step along the way from absolute basics that any person who understands how to use gmail and has ever had to figure out their IP address (without fully understanding what that is) will get to all the things you’ve wanted to know, like how exactly do I get data from a website, and what the hell is “SSH”? Only drawback: the illustrations are utterly and completely useless.
  • This was a very well-written book that explained the fundamentals of networking in an approachable, friendly manner. Charles managed to break down the material into easily digestible chapters with re-caps at the end of each one to help you gauge your information retention.
    Some of the chapter quiz questions are a bit specific to the examples given in the book rather than the underlying principles, but I found the vast majority of them to be helpful in assessing my progress.
    This book and supporting materials have been made available online for free by the benevolent author.
    A big thanks to Chuck! I am eager to reccomend this book to anyone looking to get into tech.
  • Some have complained that this text does not include many of the finer details of networking. To those, I would argue that’s not the point of this book.
    I have the paperback. I have read portions of this in pdf format. Both are great. The illustrations are simple, but effective.
    If you have next to no knowledge of networking, having this book under your belt (should not take you longer than a week or so to read through, at a leisurely pace), reading through this will ensure your acquaintance with the various concept which you will later delve into further with other networking textbooks, which can often be dry and dull. The author does a marvelous job of keeping the various concepts fresh in your head so you can tie them all together. To get lost in the details so early in the game could be counterproductive to your integration of these concepts.
  • Reads like a bad 6th grade school text book. If you want to learn anything you might plausibly want to make use of, this book isn’t for you. Assumes you can be fobbed off with nonsense like “if a link on that path was an overloaded or broken [sic], the routers could cooperate and reroute traffic…” with no further explanation. At no point is any interesting question answered. Unless you have literally no idea what a network is, and have no working experience with a computer; you will learn nothing you couldn’t already explain far more eloquently yourself.
    The end of chapter questions are insulting and clearly designed for inattentive school children, adding to nothing except the page count.
    It’s rather sad because the Table of Contents is a beautiful summary of what you might like to know about, and which the text fails so thoroughly to deliver.
    The diagrams are meaningless, facile and clearly drawn by someone who has even less grasp of the subject that what little can be gleaned from the text.
  • this book is perfect for what i was looking for. i have worked in the computers and communications field for almost 20 yrs before i went on disability 7 yrs ago, due to a traumatic accident. therefore i havnt worked or studied anything computer or networking related for almost 7 yrs. Now as i am trying to refresh my mind with what I used to know and even newer things since then, this book has been great thus far. Before I pick up a college level textbook on networking, i want to get the big picture and understand how networking works from A to Z without getting bogged down with a lot of fluff that so many other books add into their text. I like the conversational style the author used to explain the concepts. And for those of you who dont like the conversational style of explaining, just as I dont like it, as I rather just get the facts. The author doesnt conversate with stupid or unnecessary humor or information. So basically as I read this book I found myself not only refreshing my memory and learning some new stuff, I found myself sitting back and actually enjoying what I was reading. And for you people who like to write reviews, please remember the purpose of the book you are reading. If your looking for a college level textbook on networking, do you really expect a book just over 100 pages long to be that book. However, if you know what your looking for in a book and the book claims to be that type book, then write your review based on that. That being said, i knew what i was looking for before i read this book AND IT DELIVERED 110%… SO THANK YOU MR SEVERANCE FOR MAKING THIS BOOK AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE AS A DOWNLOAD ON THE WEB.

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